Questions and Answers about Bands, Artists, Songs and Lyrics

360 Salsa questions. 160 Songs in one playlist. 90 Hidden songs.

What instrument is the artist Noro Morales associated with? · What discipline did Celia Cruz leave to dedicate herself to music? · Among the following artists, who was born in Puerto Rico? · Which is Charlie Palmieri‘s nickname? · Which City appears in the title of a well-known song of El gran combo de Puerto Rico · What is the meaning of the word Segundo (second) in Compay Segundo? · Which song sung by Oscar D’León starts with… · Linda Bell Viera Caballero, better known as…

Music, please!

In the questions related to a song you will not only find information about the correct answer, but also a link to Spotify to listen to it and an exact timestamp within the song.

Get familiar with Spanish!

In addition to reading and listening to the lyrics of the songs in Spanish, you will find in some questions an orientative translation.

A random page selection system

The book includes a system to choose a random page without a dice or cards.

Sistema de páginas aleatorias para las preguntas

Artists chronology

A few pages dedicated to show a timeline with the date and place of birth of the artists that appear in the book.

Mobile wallpapers!

Download for free these three versions with generous top and bottom margins so you can position them on the screen as you like.

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